The Story Behind the Photograph.

This is a photograph taken in Mexico City for a book on Mexican architecture for Conran Octopus. It was taken at Las Capilla des Capucins which was designed by the great Mexican architect Luis Barragan. I love this shot, it is simple but there is so much going on within it in terms of composition, mood and light and it has an air of calm and meditation to it. The story behind the picture is somewhat different. I was in the middle of two books one in Mexico and a second in the USA. We had arranged permission and a fee with the sisters a couple of weeks before and a date was set. I flew in from LA and went straight to the Capilla with my friend Leo. The shoot was simple and went well and after taking four or five rolls of film we packed up and went to find the Mother Superior to hand over the agreed sum. She counted the money and then turned round and announced that in fact the fee would be ten times the agreed price which was a bit of a shock and demanded that we hand over the film and collect the cash and then she would give it back to us at a later date. It was clear that this was not open to discussion so we handed over a box of film and retreated quickly. We never went back and there is probably a box of five rolls of unprocessed Kodak film sitting in the fridge today.