A busy summer.

It has been a while since my last post but the summer was a particularly busy one with lots of commercial work and then I was shooting personal work whenever I managed to get home. I started up with 3 great boat projects in Malta, France and Spain which were great fun to shoot and I will post some pictures once I have permission from the owners. I then shot two series of portraits, one in Norfolk and a second in Scotland for two different clients and then off to Italy with one of the UK's leading interior designers to shoot an amazing story in Lucca. At the same time I was shooting quite a lot of wet plate collodion, the picture above is of my old friend Nick Zoll, one of the worlds leading fishing and hunting guides and also a conservationist photographed at home in Norfolk a couple of weeks ago. I then ended the summer with a large collodion commission for a private client that involved a 4700km drive from France to the Scottish Highlands. The weather gods were very cruel to us but we shot for three days in the pouring rain and managed to get a few lovely shots. Autumn now beckons and I am in the final stages of preparing for a trip to Thailand, Singapore and India which should keep me busy for October.