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Architectural Digest Middle East.


I am very pleased to have another feature on my work published in Architectural Digest Middle East, again focusing on my work in the region. The editor Manuel Arnaut has been a great supporter of my work and some of my favorite pictures have been for him including the recent shoot with the Tigers in Dubai and the images of the White Mosque in Abu Dhabi. The opening image is also the work of another friend Christopher Hall an is another of my favorite images. There are also some of my early interiors work and portraits from the region. Click on View above to read the full article.

A Bit of Colour.

A Bit of Colour.

A friend who I asked to review my website just wrote to say that my new blog looks a bit gloomy so I thought it might be time to add a bit of color. This is an old shot in a tiny London apartment belonging to a friend and very talented interior designer Hubert Zandberg. Hubert was born if Africa and when he moved to the UK he bought a bit colour with him. Over the years I have photographed many of his projects and they all combine a wonderful use of colour and fantastic art.

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